We’re introducing eyeson video meetings in 16:9 HD video format!

How to start

The default aspect-ratio is still 4:3. In order to activate widescreen mode (aspect-ratio 16:9), you have to start a meeting via API and set the widescreen option to true.

For example using curl:

curl -X POST \
-H "Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY" \
-d "user[name]=John Doe" \
-d "options[widescreen]=true" \

In the JSON response you’ll find an “options” object containing the widescreen paramter.

  "access_key": "...",
  "ready": false,
  "room": {
  "team": {
  "user": {
  "links": {
  "options": {
    "widescreen": true,

Actual size

Any eyeson meeting video in widescreen mode has 1280x720 pixels. The default 4:3 format has 1280x960 pixels.


Widescreen mode is supported in all browsers, but it needs to be activated via API. Cameras that don’t support the 16:9 format, will be adjusted to fit in automatically.

If you want to build your own UI, you have to use at least version 1.8.3 of the eyeson Web-SDK.



Once activated, the video format can not be changed during the running meeting.

Remember to set the correct image size for overlay and background images when you’re playing with Content Integration aka Layers.